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Kevan Gallagher

Kevan Gallagher


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About Kevan

Kevan Gallagher is a London based Producer and Songwriter. He is also a highly experienced recording engineer and mixer. 


Drawn to great songwriters across a wide range of genres, Kevan is at home recording rock bands, big bands or singer songwriters, it all comes down to the song.


Kevan initially worked at many of London's major studios including Westside, Marcus and Battery Studios before becoming freelance in 2004. Since then he has worked with artists such as Annie Lennox, Ronan Keating and Some Velvet Morning along with  jazz artists such as Jacqui Dankworth and many TV composers on a large variety of music projects.

Kevan has his own ProTools mix studio in London and mixes from here for many projects. He also regularly mixes television and film scores for composers, often at their own personal studios and is happy mixing wherever the client feels most happy.


In addition to his recording work, Kevan recently designed a new product in collaboration with UK audio manufacturer Crookwood. This is to facilitate improved instrument miking during recording sessions and he uses this on all projects.

"Hardworking & attention to detail should be Kevan’s middle name! Kevan is always a pleasure to work with and ensures a professional result whatever we are working on!"

-Alan Branch,

"Kevan has been our go to engineer for the last 10 years. Whenever we need to capture the purest sound of a piano or acoustic guitar Kevan is the man. If you can tolerate the accent and Scottish 'humour' then he's your man."

-Des Lambert,
Some Velvet Morning

"Songwriting with Kevan has always been such a rewarding enterprise. For a first rate engineer and producer he also has the added talent of a great storyteller/songwriting collaborator - a rare combination!"

-Tim Fraser

Production and

Kevan is a very experienced recording engineer and mixer working across a broad range of styles. He mixes from his own mix studio in London along with producing and engineering projects across the UK. He also works regularly out of Ten 87 studios in London.

Starting off at some of London's best recording studios including Westside, Battery, Marcus and Jacobs, Kevan now works as an independent producer and engineer on album and television score projects for a wide selection of artists and composers.

Kevan is also available for remote mixing projects.

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"Kevan is my 'go-to' mix engineer for all my television and broadcast soundtracks, from multi-episodic animation series to period drama and even a Christmas Musical! Quite simply he makes my work sound great!"

Sandy Nuttgens,

"Kevan is a naturally-gifted and inspiring songwriter, equally at home writing music as he is lyrics. He is also a masterful and experienced engineer and producer, taking the time to get the best sound out of both a microphone set up and each performer."

Daisy Chute,
_Songwriter and Vocalist

"Kevan is a producer and engineer whose strengths as a musician and writer bring musicality and expertise to a project. I have worked with him for years and can highly recommend him for his sympathetic ear and good company!"

Phillip Pope,
The Fast Show


Kevan is involved in many songwriting and co-writing projects which have recently been for artists, television, and adverts. Kevan loves co-writing with artists and is always interested in collaborating on new projects.


Recent placements have included all major UK broadcasters plus many uses across Europe and the US.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Kevan on many sessions and I have to say I am in awe of his unique approach to drum recording. His forensic detail  to mic positioning and room dynamics are like no one else.
He always gets a great drum sound and is very gentle to us musicians when he’s wearing the producer hat.
He’s also a bloody good laugh and an ideal dinner guest."

-Simon Hanson
(Squeeze and Death in Vegas

"I have booked Kevan on every studio date I have had over the past 15+ years, everything from string sections to rhythm sections choirs to solo vocalists - always professional, always delivers in high pressure environments - and on top of all that, he puts up with me!  One word to sum him up: 'Bulletproof!' Highly recommended!"

-Paul Moessl
Recording Studio


 +44 (0)7703 582257

Please drop me an email or give me a call if you are interested in working together.


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